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Hocker Landscapes 2005-2020
Monacelli Press, 2020

Dallas Modern
Dallas Architecture Forum,  2015

Living Together: Multi-Family Housing Today 
Images Publishing  Michael J. Crosbie, 2007

Sharing Places: Multi-Family Housing  
Images Publishing    Michael J. Crosbie, 2003


D Home 
Dallas Best Architects, November 2020

“Ron Wommack Brings the Light” by Chris Baldwin, February 2020

D Home 
Dallas Best Architects, November 2019

The Modernist Radio
“Interview with Dallas Architect Ron Wommack,” 2016

“Design Awards: The Powerstation, Bermuda St. Residence,” 2015

FD Luxe  
”The Architects” by Rob Brinkley, May 2012

Dallas Morning News  
”Books Built It, Art Fills It” by Barbara Rodriquez, January 28, 2012

Dallas Morning News 
“Photos: The Works of 8 Great Dallas Architects” April 2012

Texas Architect  
”1810 Bermuda” by Michael Malone, March/April 2011

Mulitfamily Executive 
“Parkwood Lofts Remain a Catalyst in Uptown Dallas,” September 2011

Dallas Morning News 
“His & Hers” by Christopher Wynn, February 2009

Texas Architect  
TSA Design Awards, September/October 2006

D Magazine  
”Home of the Year—McKinney Farmhouse” by Adam McGill,
November 2005

”Wonder Twin Powers Collaborate” by Mark D. Sullivan, August 2004

Dallas Morning News  
“Thinking About Perfection” by Scott Parks, July 2003

Dallas Morning News  
“Skin-Sational” by Joyce S. Harris, June 2003

People Newspapers  
“Wommack Calls Upon Architects to Produce Better Housing”
by Oneida Cramer, May 2003
“Smarthouse” by Oneida Cramer, March 2003  
“Modern Townhome is Loft to the Sky” by Oneida Cramer,
November 2002

D Magazine  
Home of the Year—Powerstation, November 2002

Better Homes and Gardens  
“Walking the Walk” by Kristine Kennedy and Diane Carroll, October 2002

Dallas/Fort Worth Home and Garden   
“Minimalist to the Max, Miro Townhomes” by Erin Wade, November 2002

Dallas Morning News  
“Blueprints for Success” by David Dillon, September 2002

Fort Worth Star Telegram  
“Retro Fight” by Andrew Marten, June 2002

Dallas Morning News  
“Developer Has View of Revitalized Street”
by Norma Adams-Wade, March 2002

Paper City  
“About Face” by Rebecca Sherman, February 2002

Residential Architect  
“Character Studies” by Cheryl Weber, August 2001

Builder Magazine  
“Townhouses Grow Up” by Carolyn Weber, November 2000

Dallas Morning News  
“Elements of Surprise” by Linda Swift, August 2000

Dallas Morning News  
“Urban Living 2000, Old Glories” by David Dillon, February 2000

U.S. News and World Report  
“This Old Dream House”  by Linda Kulman and Kim Clark, February 1999

D Magazine  
“Urban Living” by Jennifer Sander, September 1999

Preservation Dallas  
“Lofty Spaces,” Preservation Dallas Awards, October 1999

Dallas Morning News  
“The Powerstation,” Home and Garden Feature, October 1999

Dallas AIA Columns  
“Paradox is Essential” by Ron Wommack FAIA, June 1999

Dallas Morning News  
“Urban Salvage” by David Dillon, March 1998

Dallas Business Journal  
“Foresight pays off for City Homebuilders” by Amanda Bishop,
September 1998

Dallas Business Journal  
“Parkwood Renovations Revive Neighborhood”
by Amy Sorter, March 1996

Dallas Morning News  
“Assemblage Required” by David Dillon, May 1995

Dallas Morning News  
“Fresh Start for old Units” by Steve Brown, December 1994

Dallas Morning News  
“Big Ideas for Diverse Projects” by David Dillon, May 1994

Dallas Business Journal  
“Developer Farms Knox Street Area” by Sean Wood, September 1994

Dallas Morning News  
“Double Vision” by Mariana Greene, June 1994

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